Friday, December 8, 2017

The Avengers #674

   This world-shaking story (which is crossing back and forth between The Avengers and The Champions) seemed to be moving down a traditional path - heroes discover villain's plot, heroes fight bad guys, heroes eventually save the day - it took a surprising turn in this issue.

   That's because of the somewhat sudden introduction of a heartfelt angle that writer Mark Waid had laid the groundwork for in recent issues - and this time around, it pays off in a big way that will punch you right in the feels (as we used to say).

   The creative team also uses a clever trick at the end of the issue to provide a great twist - only the second time I can remember it being used (a special Chuck's Nod of the Hat to anyone who can name the other instance for this unspecified-lest-we-spoil-it-for-you technique).

   The art is by Jesus Saiz, and it's terrific, with great character designs and some powerful action scenes.

   This series has been building slowly and it's building to a powerful finish. (Better bring a hanky!)

Grade: A-


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