Friday, December 22, 2017

Aquaman #31

   In a recent comment our friend Mr. Brooks suggested a review of Aquaman, and here at CCotD, we're happy to comply.

   I haven't been reading the series for the last couple of years - I followed it when Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis kicked off the "New 52" version, but when they left I let it slip away.

   This issue finds Aquaman on the outs in Atlantis, as the powerful Corum Rath has seized control of that underwater kingdom.

   Just when all hope seems lost and citizens are being rounded up for execution, a group of rebels - led by a surprisingly powerful Aquaman - start fighting back.

   That hero is looking more like his movie counterpart, with long hair and a beard - but his hair is still blond and he's still wearing his classic orange scaled shirt.

   He's looking for allies to help in his struggle, and goes to some interesting places to find them.

   The issue features a strong script by Dan Abnett and terrific art by Riccardo Federici and color art by Sunny Gho - it's a style that almost looks painted, and it creates a powerful environment for Aquaman's adventures.

   Thanks for the tip, Mr. Brooks - Aquaman is definitely a book to watch!

Grade: A-



Kevin Findley said...

Is that Dolphin on the cover with Arthur and Mera? She hasn't made an appearance in the DCU in quite a while.

Chuck said...

Yes! I neglected to mention her - sorry about that! I've always liked the Dolphin character and was glad to see her included here.