Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Avengers #673

   As a long-time fan, I'm really enjoying the story writer Mark Waid is crafting here in this crossover between The Avengers and The Champions.

   While a modern tale, it evokes the classic Justice League / Justice Society crossovers that were so special in the 1960s.

   The Earth faces a deadly threat from the Counter-Earth - a duplicate of our world created by the god-like High Evolutionary. For some years it orbited on the far side of the sun - then it was apparently destroyed. Now, somehow, it's back - and its orbit is much faster.

   To cope with the threats at many locations around the world (and on the other world), the two teams are working together, and have split into groups - a classic scheme!

   The main focus is on the Falcon and Viv Vision, who confront the H.E. face-to-face - but will they walk away unchanged?

   We're only halfway through this six-part crossover, and so far, it's shaping up to be a classic!

Grade: A-



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