Monday, November 20, 2017

Ninja-K #1

   I hate it when I find out I've been mispronouncing a comic book character's name.

   For example, I've been saying the name of Hela, the Asgardian / Marvel goddess of death, "He-lah." But in the Thor: Ragnarok movie, she was called "Hay-la."

   So now Ninjak is back in a new series, and I find that it's not "Nin-jack" - it's "Ninja-kay." Gah.

   All that should be cleared up a bit in this issue, which recaps the history of the secret program that led to the creation of the ultimate agent, Ninja-K.

   (And if you're suspecting that it all starts with someone named Ninja-A, then you're one sharp cookie.)

   We also see a new threat appear - one that may be unstoppable - and its ultimate target is Ninja-K!

   The story by Christos Gage is powerful and sheds light on some previously-hidden history (at least it was hidden to me).

   The art is by Tomas Giorello, a terrific and largely unsung artist who did amazing work on the King Conan series from Dark Horse. Here he breathes vivid life into a history lesson that's anything but dry, and throws in lots of action and heart!

   The series is off to a strong start, and this is a perfect jumping-on point for Ninja-K! Best of all, you'll avoid the shame of saying his name wrong (like some guys I could name)!

Grade: A-



Kevin Findley said...

It's been Nin-jack since 1993. Shooter and other couldn't say enough about the character. I .... gahhhhh!

This is ridiculously small for a retcon, but it stills chaps my chaps!

Excuse me now, I have to go yell at some kids on my lawn.

Chuck said...

Good to hear that IU've been saying it right after all - I thought I was cracking up!