Monday, November 27, 2017

Dollface #11

   Well, this is an unusual comic (to put it mildly).

   Dollface is the story of a 17th Century woman - a witch hunter - who is transported to the present where she takes up residence in an artificial / android body - making her a living doll.

   The combination of sorcery and computer technology make her a unique creature of power - and she uses her abilities to track down and destroy evil witches.

   This issue finds her facing a powerful witch - one that threatens her friend's life. But are they really enemies?

   The story is by Dan Mendoza and Bryan Seaton, with art by Zoe Stanley and Danielle Gransaul, and it's a mix of a simplified animation style and an (almost) underground comic effect, with lots of brutality on display.

   The series is kind of an odd combination of titillation (with plenty of alternate covers featuring the title character in various levels of torn clothing / near nudity). The comic also features plenty of gory violence, so this is definitely not a comic for children.

   This definitely isn't aimed at me, but (as Don Thompson always said), if you like this sort of thing, here it is.

Grade: B-


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