Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Avengers #672

   Happy to see the return of the original numbering to The Avengers!

   The issue also does something I usually don't like - namely, cross over with a different comic (in this case, The Champions).

   That's ok, because: 1) I read both titles; 2) It's limited to just those titles; and 3) Mark Waid writes both books.

   The story touches on a classic concept - Counter-Earth!

   Created by the High Evolutionary as a duplicate of our Earth - but orbiting on the opposite side of the sun - it's been a while since it was used, but here it provides the springboard for a menace that will require two teams of heroes!

   This is a traditional super-hero team-up comic, which makes it, in my book, a lot of fun. It includes a deadly menace to the planet, heroes working together in new and interesting mini-teams and combinations, and a lot of humor.

   With terrific art by Jesus Saiz, this is a great start to the series of crossovers. Recommended!

Grade: A-



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