Thursday, October 26, 2017

Silver Surfer #14

   It's with a touch of sadness that we arrive at the final issue of Silver Surfer (at least for now).

   This maxi-series has been real treat, telling a single story arc for Norrin Radd / the Surfer and the young Earthwoman, Dawn Greenwood, who becomes entangled in his life.

   The result has been a terrific run of stories, as the Surfer learns more about humanity, and he introduces Dawn to some of the miracles of the universe.

   The series has been written by Dan Slott and Michael Allred, with Allred also providing the art. They've managed a great balance of heartfelt stories, solid science fiction, some strong fan service (clearing up quite a few long-running plot threads), and injecting some great humor and sweetness into the proceedings.

   I'm a real fan of Allred's art, which combines the energy and imagination of Kirby with a classic storytelling style.

   The story's not perfect - there are some moments that ask a bit too much of the reader's credulity, and the inside jokes go a little overboard from time to time - but overall, it's an entertaining collection of clever, touching stories that take the Surfer in fresh new directions.


Grade: A-


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