Sunday, October 29, 2017

All New Soulfire #8 (of 8)

   You really shouldn't buy the new issue of All New Soulfire.

   Well, not unless you've been buying the other issues of the series.

   That's because this issue is a coda to the action that's filled the previous seven issues.

   The main goal of the series has been to resolve some of the long-running plot threads and to tie the series back into the main body of the Aspen Universe - and it succeeds!

   Here we learn the final fate of Samusara, the source of magic power, and we get some hints for the future of the Soulfire series, which will be returning next summer in time for the title's 15th anniversary.

   But unless you've been following along, you'll want to pick up the collections - otherwise you're going to be lost trying to sort out the characters and concepts here.

Grade: B


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