Friday, September 29, 2017

War Mother #2

   There sure is a lot of stabbing in the future.

   At least that's the case with War Mother, which is set in the future of the Valiant Universe - in the year 4001 AD, to be exact.

   The world has seen better days, but War Mother is doing her best to find a safe home for her people after the destructive fall of New Japan, which had been orbiting the Earth (until it crashed).

   But just when she thinks she's found a safe haven, she's attacked and taken prisoner - and her only ally may not be on her side any more!

   We also get a glimpse of plots unfolding as dark elements arise in her tribe.

   There's quite a bit of violence in evidence here (mostly involving knives, as previously mentioned), and still a bit of explaining needed for new readers, but the art is excellent and there's lots of potential building here.

   I can't recommend it for younger readers, but there's a lot of potential here for those old enough to handle the violent aspects.

Grade: A-


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