Thursday, September 7, 2017

Star Wars Adventures #1

   This is a fun idea.

   IDW has created a modern version of the old "split" comic - one that includes two features (one 15 pages long, the other 7 pages, plus some pinups), all drawn in a kid-friendly style and focusing on different members (and different eras) from the Star Wars universe.

   The main story focuses on Rey, the hero from The Force Awakens in her days as a scavenger before the events in the film.

   When her "business associate" (the creature that buys the items she finds) is kidnapped, only Rey is willing and able to attempt a rescue - and what mysterious secret does a damaged robot hold?

   The second story introduces a few new characters - and features an appearance by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

   The stories are pretty thin, but this is a comic that's perfect for the young reader just discovering the Star Wars universe and, perhaps, not quite ready for the more grim side of the action.

Grade: B+


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