Saturday, September 2, 2017

Secret Empire #10 (of 10)

   Finally, our long national nightmare is over, as Marvel crawls across the finish line with the final issue of Secret Empire, the most annoying event in recent memory.

   You know the story: Captain America (Steve Rogers) had his history altered so, instead of being Marvel's greatest hero, he's actually an agent of Hydra! (Gasp!)

   And he somehow managed to lead Hydra in a takeover of the United States! (How? Don't ask pesky questions.)

   And he took control of a space shield that protected the Earth but blocked out all the alien races, although none of them were willing to help Earth's heroes because they'd completely forgotten how we saved the universe during the Infinity series. (Selective memory, no doubt.)

   And he trapped all of New York's heroes behind a dark dome that was nothing like that Stephen King novel.

   Anyway, this issue brings us the final showdown, as Evil Cap (powered by the Cosmic Cube) manages to destroy... well, that would be telling. We do get the final battle that is confusing but does its best to give us back the real Cap.

   So we've had a two-year series that has worked hard at tearing the reputation of Captain America into shreds. Wonder how long it'll take them to restore his good name - if ever?

   Marvel, as a long-time fan, here's my request: no more stories like this, I beg you. Comic book "reality" is already tenuous enough. When you start rewriting it willy-nilly, it all threatens to fall down.

   Of course, the good news is: it's over! (I know, there are still an "Aftermath" issue. I'll be ignoring it.)

Grade: D



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