Sunday, September 24, 2017

All New Fathom #8

  This issue of All New Fathom wraps up the latest storyline - and it's a twisty one.

   Titanic monsters are destroying ships on oceans around the world, and the villain named Cannon has somehow managed to fool people into thinking that he's the only one who can stop the danger.

   (Three guesses as to who is actually behind the attacks.)

   As the king of the undersea race known as The Blue, he offers to fight Aspen Matthews in an arena - though of course the fight is hardly fair. And more than a few surprises are revealed.

    In the meantime, Aspen's earth-bound allies have uncovered the secret behind Cannon's plan, and their only hope is to try something with a military jet that will leave anyone who knows anything about jets scratching their heads.

   So it's all kind of silly and preachy - but plans are already underway for the next series (or mini-series, as the case may be), so hopefully the next story will make a bit more sense.

 Grade: C+


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