Monday, September 11, 2017

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #5 (of 5)

   This story has demanded patience from its audience - it's taken 15 months to turn out five issues - but finally, with this issue, those kids walk into that bank.

   What writer Matthew Rosenberg has built is a heist story, as the kids - Berger, Pat, Walter and Paige - finally put their complex plan in motion to rob a bank.

   This story manages a surprising balance between real-world sensibilities and flights of fantasy - and it cleverly keeps you guessing as to which is which - and the very real world implications of their actions.

   The art and design are by Tyler Boss, and it features original character designs and a unique style that's compelling and evoke real life without being photorealistic.

   Courtney Menard is credited with wallpaper designs and Clare Dezutti with flatting (and I must admit - I'm not sure what that means). 

   Even though the story focuses on the kids, it's not a book for children - it features adult language and violence. 

   But for those old enough to cope with it, it's a powerful tale and impossible to predict (which is always a good thing).


Grade: A-


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