Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Unstoppable Wasp #8

   I'm sorry to see that this is the final issue for The Unstoppable Wasp, because this series has been an unexpected delight.

   It's been downright inspirational - a series that anyone can enjoy, but it's especially effective for young women.

   It focused on the efforts by young Nadia - the daughter or Hank (Giant-Man) Pym and his first wife, Maria - who is the new Wasp in town. She arrives in America, hoping to join her father in making the world a better place.

   The problem is, Hank is "dead" (wink wink), so she instead tries to form her own group of young female scientists to make the world a better place.

   That group - G.I.R.L. - manages to avert a crisis, but the danger leads their parents to ban them from taking part. But Nadia has a guardian angel (with real wings) - the "real" Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, who plunges into Nadia's numerous problems and shows why she's one of Marvel's greatest (and most woefully underused) heroines!

   What follows is so full of positive energy, intelligence and a great spirit of fun that you'll get through this issue before you realize that not a single punch was thrown.

   But any comic that inspires readers (young and not-so-young) to make the world a better place is aces in my book!

   I hope Marvel gives this series (and its creative team - writer Jeremy Whitley and artists Ro Strein and Ted Brandt) another run!

Grade: A-


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