Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Sandman Special #1

   There's some small amount of irony in the fact that, in DC's series of specials, this issue is the closest (so far) to Kirby's work (or to honoring his memory) - and it's the character that Kirby didn't much care for and only worked on under duress.

   The Sandman was the final team-up of writer Joe Simon and artist Jack Kirby, as they produced a one-shot issue creating a new and different character using the classic Sandman name. It was successful enough to merit a series, but it didn't last long.

   Fifteen years later, Neil Gaiman would tag the name to a completely different character, though he'd eventually get back to explaining the story behind this version.

   For this special, we get two stories starring the mysterious man who oversees the world of dreams and protects our world from the nightmare beyond.

   This time around, the creative team understood the assignment - to honor Kirby's memory and legacy - and they've crafted a couple of stories with heart.

    Writer Dan Jurgens provides a challenge like no other, with wonderful art by Jon Bogdanove, and in the second story, writer Steve Orlando teams with artists Rick Leonardi and Dan Green to give us a blast from the past.

   It's nice to see the character back in action, and I'm always happy to see the King's memory honored.

Grade: B+



Hoy Murphy said...

I read this last night hand thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the Kirby tribute in the first story. And it had a Goody Rickels cameo!

Chuck said...

Yeah, there are some great Easter eggs in there - Fin Fang Foom and Modok, for example!