Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kid Sherlock #2

   It's always a treat to find a comic that's made for young readers - they're all too rare these days.

   And Kid Sherlock fills the bill. Set at Baker Elementary School in modern times, it centers on the mysteries that arise - ones only Young Sherlock seems willing or able to solve.

   His "Watson" is an intelligent dog (who is also, somehow, a student at the school). John is loyal to Sherlock, although the young detective doesn't always deserve his loyalty.

    The case this time around involves show and tell - and a missing doll, with all the clues pointing toward a surprising suspect!

   The art by Sean Miller is bright and fun, and the story by Justin Phillips hops along to its touching ending.

  Add in some activity pages in the back of the issue (I love mazes!) and you have a great comic for young readers.

Grade: B+


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