Saturday, August 12, 2017

Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit #2

   I generally enjoy these little nuggets of nostalgia - the crossovers between different icons from the past.

   The Green Hornet was a classic TV show that tried to bottle the success of the Batman TV show, and while it wasn't a huge hit, it was certainly entertaining (I was a fan), and it's famous for the fact that martial arts icon Bruce Lee starred as GH's assistant Kato.

   Here the duo team up with The Spirit - which is a bit of a twist, since he only appeared in the comics, and by the '60s he wasn't being published anymore.

   This issue makes a reasonable attempt at mimicking the style of the Spirit stories, as it tells the story of an unusual, delusional man. His story plays out alongside the action / adventure part of the program.

   My biggest complaint here is that, like another recent Spirit mini-series, it only features that hero in flashbacks - he doesn't actually appear in the here and now.

   Oh, there's a version of him running around here, and there's a good twist there - but I'd rather see more actual Spirit content in my Spirit mini-series.

Grade: B


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