Friday, August 18, 2017

Future Quest Presents Space Ghost #1

   It's great to see Space Ghost back in action in this follow-up to the excellent Future Quest series.

   This time around, writer Jeff Parker gives us a look behind the curtain at the origins of Space Ghost and the Space Patrol, including the reasons why he teams up with Jan and Jayce (still no explanation for Blip) and the source of his powers.

   The issue also features the Herculoids (another fave) with some history behind that team / family, and why their pets / allies have such varied powers.

   One thing this series has enjoyed is some terrific art - no doubt many artists are also fans and are eager to work on these classic characters.

   This issue features Ariel Olivetti's painted artwork, and it's a real delight, breathing flesh and blood into these two-dimensional creations.

   The series is managing a nice balance between nostalgia and crafting a story that stands on its own and lays the groundwork for future adventures.


Grade: A