Saturday, August 26, 2017

Archie #23

   The All-New Archie falls into an interesting niche between the classic, comedy-centered Archie comic and the popular Riverdale TV show, which tends to be grim and angsty (though I base that on the only two episodes I've seen).

   Under the skillful hand of writer Mark Waid, this series manages to combine comedy with a more realistic lifestyle for the teens of Riverdale.

   The latest story has veered into the territory of drama and soap opera as a terrible accident promises to affect the lives of several characters.

   Betty was injured in an accident when she tried to stop a drag race between Archie and Reggie - and her life has been changed for the foreseeable future.

   It's tough to balance such a serious topic with the slapstick antics of the eternally well-intentioned Archie, but thanks to the heart of the characters involved, this story manages to walk that line.

   The art by Audrey Mok is outstanding, capturing the emotion and assorted antics of the cast nicely.

   The Archie concept - following the lives of teens in high school - is an enduring one, and it can be adapted to different formats. Thank goodness!

Grade: B+


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