Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Avengers #9

   One of the problems with big events is that they tend to disrupt the stories in ongoing titles, which must screech to a halt to deal with the effects of the event.

   But there are writers who can work around that limitation - and Mark Waid demonstrates how to do that in this little gem of an issue.

   Since The Avengers are tied up dealing with the Secret Empire, the focus is on The Mighty Thor, who has somehow been banished to an alien dimension.

   She must adjust to this strange new reality and find a way back to Earth - all without her enchanted hammer.

   It's a story loaded with humor and heart - and a few surprises.

   It's also perfectly suited to the artwork of Mike Del Mundo, with its bright colors, alien creatures and exotic landscapes.

   It's a surprisingly touching story, and a welcome relief from the usual event angst.

Grade: A



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