Saturday, July 8, 2017

Skybourne #4 (of 5)

   File this one under "Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this series."

   It's been several months since the last issue of Frank Cho's enjoyable Skybourne series, but delays and Cho go hand-in-hand.

   But it's a series worth the wait, both for the powerful artwork and the fun concept that give Cho lots of room to have fun with the visuals.

   So we have the (apparently evil) wizard Merlin leading a small army of giant dragons to attack a hidden base that serves as a prison of sorts (or is it a zoo?) for a vast menagerie of mystical creatures, most of them deadly and hostile.

   The main defender of the base is Thomas Skybourne, a son of Lazarus (yes, that Lazarus), blessed with immortality, invulnerability and great strength.

   But will that be enough against the invaders? There's the fun bit.

   The issue is loaded with action and lots of humor - though the material is on the adult side, so this isn't really for young readers.

   The series plays to Cho's strengths - fantastic art, amazing creatures, beautiful women, lots of humor - but it does require some patience while the deadlines play out.

   Still, highly recommended!

Grade: A-


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