Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Secret Weapons #2

   You have to give credit when a comic tries something different - and Secret Weapons is definitely unusual.

   It's avoiding most of the usual "team comic" tropes and taking a different approach.

   So we have a team that doesn't wear costumes, has odd powers and doesn't really seem to be driven to fight the bad guys.

   Oh, there's an action scene in this issue, but it's the team defending itself from an attack by a mysterious and deadly foe.

  And quite a bit of the issue is given over to a discussion as the team sits around the dinner table!

   The art by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin is very good, with strong layouts and excellent environment designs. The characters are well defined, and even though they're not wearing distinctive costumes.

   The only problem is that the issue is too laid back (aside from that action scene) - it's difficult to sort out where it's going.

   The story is starting to build, but requires the reader to be very patient as it sorts itself out. It shows a lot of promise, but it's getting there slowly.

Grade: B


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