Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bloodshot's Day Off #1

   Amist the usual bombastic goings-on in the life of the soldiers who have been through the Bloodshot process, it's nice to throw in an occasional "quiet" issue - and that's what you get with Bloodshot's Day Off.

   Turned into invincible killing machines by the government, two soldiers are - surprisingly - given leave for a day.

   One is a veteran of the Vietnam War, the other of World War II - and both take advantage of their time off to take a trip down memory lane.

   It's a touching story about the sacrifices soldiers make - and it has a powerful message to share.

   The well-crafted story is by Eliot Rahal, and the art by Khari Evans captures the emotional impact of the story.

   It's a nice change of pace with a relative minimum of death and destruction, but plenty of life-affirming moments.

Grade: B+



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