Friday, July 28, 2017

Batman / The Shadow #4 (of 6)

   I cannot understand why I'm not loving this mini-series.

   I'm a huge mark (fan) of The Shadow. I'm a big fan of The Batman. I've enjoyed past crossovers that brought them together. It's co-written by Scott Snyder, who's written some excellent Batman stories.

   But so far, this one just hasn't jelled for me.

   Some of it is typical comic book tropes - for example, twice so far we've seen Batman suffer terrible, crippling injuries - and he shakes them off.

   The villains are similarly immune to bullet wounds, so matter how severe.

   We've seen The Shadow, who's a deadly shot, face an army of villains at close range, fire his gun constantly - and do only minimal damage.

   These are only minor quibbles, but for some reason they stick in the craw of my enjoyment of this series. (If that makes sense.)

   I love the idea of these two Dark Knights facing off over their methods, but that's just not getting it done.

   Maybe if they faced more deathtraps...

Grade: B



Anonymous said...

As someone who loves the Alec Baldwin "Shadow" film, I'm pretty subjective when it comes to The Shadow as well as Batman. I love this series. Excellent, atmospheric art and compelling storyline. Maybe you're old?

Chuck said...

Anon, Oh, there's no "maybe" to it! But thanks, that's the best laugh I've had in a while! (Oh, I also like the "Shadow" movie.)

Hoy Murphy said...

I'm a Shadow fan from back in the 1970s when they reprinted a bunch of stories in paperbacks with Steranko covers. I passed on this when I read that they were bringing him into the modern world. He works best in the 1930s and '40s.

Jerry Smith said...

Chuck, I'm 100% with you. I should be loving this comic. The story is just not doing it for me (for the reasons you mentioned, plus others) and I do not like the art. The Shadow has his red scarf everywhere except over his mouth, where it should be, and Batman's ears are tiny pinpricks instead of intimidating horns. Don't get me started on that ugly yellow outline around his chest bat-symbol ... this is just not my thing! A sequel has been announced with a different artist, but I'm not sure I'm buying ... and I love Batman and the Shadow.

Chuck said...

Hoy, I think I first read the Shadow books when Bantam Books had the license. I also have all the Sternko-covered volumes.

Jerry, glad to know it's not just me. I'm also probably going to pass on the upcoming second series.

Kevin Findley said...

Since this obviously isn't canon, it seems like a real missed opportunity. Have the Shadow put a bullet in the Joker, Two-Face, etc. Go full-scale Fran Castle on them and then have Batman chase down the Shadow to bring him to justice.

Meanwhile, Gotham City now has to deal with the 'progeny' of the dead villains. These freaks make Batman's old rogues gallery look like the Condiment King, King Tut and Marsha, Queen of Diamonds. Show exactly why Batman won't (and shouldn't) kill. It can always get worse.