Sunday, July 2, 2017

Astro City #45

   Comic book characters are always changing.

   It's not always apparent. By their nature, comics are all about the illusion of change - but it's important to maintain the status quo.

   But things are always changing in the world of pop culture, and comics change with them. Even Superman has gone through changes - from his first plain "acrobat tights" costume to his classic long johns to jeans and a T-shirt and the most recent high-tech version (we won't talk about his mullet stylings).

   But because the changes happen over a period of years, it's not always evident.

   By compressing that time period, Astro City has crafted a unique series of characters based on the popular music trends, and is tying their stories together in a series of adventures that paints a musical panorama of its own.

   It's a clever story - and with this issue we finally get a glimpse of the great threat that is tied to the phenomenon, and may threaten all of creation.

   As always, Kurt Busiek crafts a terrific, clever (and often funny) story, and Brent E. Anderson turns in his usual incredible art, with amazing character designs and vivid environments.

    This is a story arc that any comics fan will enjoy - but music fans will love it!

Grade: A-



Anonymous said...

Why the "minus" in the grade? I had trouble find anything wrong in this issue...

Chuck said...

Good question! I went back on froth on the grade - between an "A" or "A-" - and I finally dropped it down only because it's a continued story, and the final chapter will decide its fate. It's pretty rare for Busiek and Anderson to stumble, but it might happen. The final issue will tell the tale.

Anonymous said...

Good point.