Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New Comics Day!

   Here's what I picked up at the comics shop today - except for the Marvel Digest, which my comics shop didn't carry. It's on back order:

- AVENGERS #8 - Is the Infamous Iron Man friend or foe?

- BANE CONQUEST #2 (OF 12) - It's one thing to capture Bane...

- CHAMPIONS #9 - Focus on Viv Vision.

- DAREDEVIL #21 - Beginning the "Supreme" story.

- DARK KNIGHT III MASTER RACE #9 (OF 9) - The epic conclusion!

- DOCTOR STRANGE #20 - The creative team changeth!

- HAWKEYE #7 - A new lead!

- IRON FIST #4 - A dark history revealed!

- JESSICA JONES #9 - The mystery of Maria Hill!

- JUSTICE LEAGUE #22 - Quarantine on the Watchtower!


- NOVA #7 - Nova vs. Nova!

- PAPER GIRLS #15 - The explosive end of the arc!

- UNSTOPPABLE WASP #6 - Lives hang in the balance.

And I received these review copies:

- DOCTOR WHO GHOST STORIES #3 (OF 4) - Team-up time!

- FAITH #12 - Facing "The Faithless!"

- LOST FLEET CORSAIR #1 (OF 4) - A new series based on the hit novels!

- PENNY DREADFUL #3 - Continuing the TV series.

- RIVERS OF LONDON DETECTIVE STORIES #1 (OF 4) - Four self-contained magical

- SHERLOCK BLIND BANKER #6 (OF 6) - Adapting the TV series.

   And that's it! (Whew!)


Kyle said...

Hey Chuck, if you take requests, would like to see a review of the Spider-Man Digest... Heard these will be making their way to grocery stores too... Is it reprints? New stories? All ages I would assume?

Chuck said...

Kyle, I do take requests - but unfortunately, my shop didn't carry that digest (though they've back-ordered it for me), so I haven't seen it yet. My friends tell me that it is made up of reprints (including a Ditko story and some more recent stuff). Yes, they're supposed to be available at supermarket checkouts - and it is for all ages. The second issue will focus on The Avengers.

Kyle said...

Interesting. Anything that can get Ditko into the hands of more people is a good thing. Reminds me a bit of the old "Megazines" that Marvel put out a while back (90's?). They were full size, not digest, but I think they contained a handful of reprints from various comics. You could get a John Byrne Fantastic Four and a Frank Miller Daredevil in the same comic. I really dug those, but unfortunately they didn't last long. On the other hand, there are so many reprint options out there now, but back then this was my first exposure to so many different great comics. I imagine that was what it was like with the DC "100 Page" reprints came out back in the 70's.