Friday, June 30, 2017

Batman / The Shadow #3

   This would seem to be the most natural team-up ever for a comics series - two dark vigilantes fighting against their greatest foes.

   But instead it just feels... odd.

   The Shadow has been captured by Batman and is left in chains while the Dark Knight goes after the strange, mystic, powerful and possibly immortal Stag - who has teamed up with a maniacal Joker.

   This version of the Joker seems to be based on the one that appeared in the Suicide Squad movie - not my favorite rendition of the character, but I can live with it.

   So Batman swings into action while The Shadow stands there and talks to Alfred.

   And you'd think, considering how Batman fared the first time he tackled the Stag, he'd have prepared a bit more for their second match -  but then, we'd miss out on that stunning final splash page.

   I'm sticking with this series because I'm curious to see how it ends - but I have to admit, the characters still don't "feel" right so far.

Grade: B+



Anonymous said...

Big fail! I thought it was awesome. Amazing art and powerful storytelling. Snyder and Orlando seem to mesh well and it has the feel that Batman and The Shadow are almost competing for screen time (in a good way). But what do I know...?

Chuck said...

Anon, that's the beauty of the hobby - everyone's entitled to their own opinion! And I certainly don't expect anyone to agree with me all the time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Most welcome, my friend!