Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tekken #1

   I admit that, over the years, I've played a lot of video games.

   And that means, I've played lots of Tekken.

   It's a classic "beat 'em up" game wherein two fighters square off and bash each other until one is declared the winner.

   In the game, there's just enough of a story thread to justify all the fights - and the comic book follows that format.

   This issue introduces the large cast of characters, which includes evil masterminds, child prodigies, fighting masters and... a Panda.

   It then sets them in action against each other, so there's lots of fighting to go around.

   The artwork is dynamic and true to the original designs from the game, and the script sticks to the formula.

   It's not deep, but it's fast, furious and fun from start to finish, especially for fans of the original series.

Grade: B+


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