Saturday, May 6, 2017

Free Comic Day!

   Happy Free Comic Day, gentle readers!

   I'll be posting some quick comments later today about a stack of issues - feel free to pass along your take in the comment link below, or email your comments to us at

   Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I got to my LCS after 3 pm and some of the free biggies were long gone. But I was happy to find three books (3 was the number each customer could pick out) that I had hoped to find...The Doctor Who "Four Doctors" issue, a sample of TEX: Patagonia, and The Incal. Good reading, and art, awaits!

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

Great picks, Sam! I'd already seen the Doctor Who story, and I assumed "The Incal" is taken from the original Mobius graphic novel (which I've already read - and enjoyed), so I passed on those. Wish I'd seen "Tex!"

Anonymous said...

Chuck, The TEX sampler consists of the first several pages of TEX: PATAGONIA, which is slated to be released in full later this year. You'll be able to enjoy the entire graphic novel length saga in its entirety soon.

Sam Kujava