Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Britannia: We Who Are About to Die #1

   Surely this is one of the most unusual comic books - at least from a major publisher.

   Valiant's Britannia: We Who Are About To Die is set in the often brutal period of Rome's history when Nero was Emperor and life was a fragile commodity.

   There are no superheroes to be seen here - but lots of mystery and political struggles and horrible murders.

   The story centers around a soldier named Antonius Axia, who has been touched by the gods and has become the first man to specialize in solving crimes - a detectioner.

   And there are several mysteries to challenge him, including several murders, capricious gods (and their mortal agents), and a disturbing, growing trend among the women in Rome.

   With terrific artwork and an original (and clever) concept, this is a strong series.

   It's not for young readers - there's quite a bit of bloodshed here - but for those who don't mind that sort of thing in the telling of a good story, it's well worth seeking out.

Grade: A-


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