Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bane Conquest #1 (of 12)

   The big comics companies make so many dumb choices that it's something of a shock when they get it right.

  One of the huge oversights for the "Big Two" is that they don't always hire the best talent for their books - and in fact, they seem to go out of their way to avoid hiring some of the industry's best talent.

   Writer Chuck Dixon is a case in point. Here's a guy who has spent decades crafting terrific, ground-breaking action / adventure stories, including memorable runs on such icons as Batman and the Punisher (among many, many others).

   He never misses a deadline, his work is always powerful and compelling - he's a proven commodity. (For crying out loud, he made Robin's comic a must-buy!)

   But for years, he's been exiled from the pages of DC's comics.

   But that changes this week with the release of the first issue of Bane Conquest.

   It not only brings back his most famous villainous co-creation (with Doug Moench and Graham Nolan), it also reunites him with artist Nolan, a fantastic action artist who excels in hard-hitting action.

   The issue finds Bane fighting a terrorist group that menaces his town - one that he's sworn to protect.

   But don't expect gentle superhero fights - Bane is a big, bruising force of nature, and he does not play nice with murderers.

   This is a terrific kickoff issue as it starts putting the pieces in place. It rockets along from the first moment and never lets up.

   The series is highly recommended, and we can only hope that this is just the beginning for Dixon working at DC again. While he can write anything, the members of the Bat-family are in desperate need of his guidance.

   Make it happen, DC!

Grade: A



Kevin Findley said...

Amen Brother Chuck!

Anonymous said...

Dixon is back!
It's about time, DC.


Mr. Brooks said...

Chuck Dixon AND Graham Nolan??? Sweet Christmas! No one wrote Richard Grayson better (he gave us the BEST take on the Richard/Clark Kent friendship). And I LOVED Mr. Nolan's art on THE POWER OF THE ATOM, DETECTIVE COMICS, and The PHANTOM.

Don't lose them DC.

Eh, Steve! said...

Now we just need Dixon back on the Punisher! Sigh.

Although I didn't enjoy the first issue as much as you did, the series is certainly a must buy for me.