Thursday, May 11, 2017

Avengers #7

   Call me crazy, but I like bad guys who are, well, bad.

   So I'm struggling with the post-Secret Wars concept of Dr. Doom as a good guy.

   To add to my struggle, Doom is presently wearing the armor and identity of the Infamous Iron Man (though I'm not exactly sure why).

   Whatever the reason, he's apparently decided to join the Avengers - and the whole group goes off on a camping trip. (Well, sorta.)

   Off course, there's a lot of evil afoot, and the team takes an unusual approach to sorting out the menace.

   It's a strong story by Mark Waid and Jeremy Whitley.

   Phil Noto is a great artist, but I'm not sure his pastel, painted style is the best fit for this series (maybe it's just me).

   This continues to be an entertaining comic, tackling complex characters and stories.

   Even if the bad guys are confused.

Grade: A-


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Eh, Steve! said...

As a huge Doom fan (isn't everyone) I can't say I'm pleased about Marvel's direction of Doom (And most things these days) but I've been buying the Infamous series because of Doom anyways. Didn't quite pull the trigger on buying this one yet, but I guess you've given me a little bit more of a push.