Thursday, April 6, 2017

X-Men Gold #1

    Since the new beginning for the X-Men promised to be a "back to the basics" kind of story, I figured I'd like it - after all, it's been my opinion for a while that the series needed to do exactly that.

   So here's X-Men Gold (apparently the team is going back to the "Team Blue" and "Team Gold" concept), which seems to be a reunion of the "New X-Men" version of the team - it includes Wolverine (Old Man Logan version), Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde and someone named Prestige (is her last name "Format?").

   (OK, the new character is Rachel Grey (Summers?), the former Phoenix / Marvel Girl - but why she needs a new name makes little sense to me.)

   The focus here is on introducing the team, their new headquarters, and tossing them into the middle of a major league fight so they can start acting more like a team of heroes (think Avengers) for a change - but there are problems.

   The biggest problem is that it's so difficult to recapture the original energy of the team because each character carries so much baggage! There's a six-page text feature in the back of the issue that makes a valiant attempt at recapping the stories that have led the team to this point - but all it really did was make my head hurt (and heck, I read most of those issues when they were printed).

   I do think getting back to the basics is a great idea - but it would be nice to focus on the action, the friendships and the fun, and less on the broken hearts, the failed relationships, and the eternal cloud of racism that hangs over every "X" book ever.

   Focus on what works and leave the stuff that doesn't in the past where it belongs.

Grade: B


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