Saturday, April 29, 2017

X-Men Blue #2

   When you start a "new" series, you shouldn't waste time getting things rolling along.

   But this issue of X-Men Blue, which is devoted to the new adventures of the original team (who have been brought through time to the present) features a heck of a lot of pages of characters standing around talking.

  The only action sequence ends up not being what it seems to be (which is annoying), and by the end of the issue we've made almost no progress from the first page.

   To be fair, there's an interesting situation teased by a final confrontation - and another in the last page - but that doesn't make up for an otherwise humdrum issue.

   I assume the original team was "revived" to try to combat the continuity malaise - and the convoluted storylines - that have weighed down the X-Men books in recent years.

   It was a good solution, but the creative team needs to capitalize on it by delivering some cracking good stories. Character that have been around for 50-plus years shouldn't need much in the way of setup.

Grade: B-


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