Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The End for "Powerless"

   Well, that didn't take long.

   Just over two months after its debut, the comedy Powerless has been canceled.

   It's a shame, because as posted in this review, it was a show with a terrific cast and a potentially strong foundation for future storylines, as it focused on the employees of a business that helps normal people cope with a world loaded with powerful heroes and villains.

   But it had the same problem that has doomed innumerable comedies before it: the show wasn't funny.

   The cast was striving mightily to overcome the thin plots, but it was all just standard sitcom boilerplate.

   It's certainly not the first super-hero-based TV show to get the hook, but it's the first of the modern breed.

   Hopefully the cast will land in productions that are more worthy of their talents.

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