Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ragnarok #12

   Writer and artist Walt Simonson seems to be having a blast crafting the adventures of Thor again - but this is a Thunder God who's less Lee and Kirby and more Ancient Myth.

   In this series we're seeing what happened to the world long after the events of Ragnarok - the Twilight of the Gods.

   Thor has somehow survived - barely, in near-skeletal form - and he's trying to find a way to stop Agantyr, the Lord of the Dead. That's a task that has become even more difficult since Thor doesn't have the strength to stand and his ally inside Agantyr's stronghold has just been killed.

   But Thor also has allies (albeit tiny, mostly weak ones) -  but how can they overcome a much more powerful foe?

   The answer is a lot of fun, and Simonson's artwork is just stunning, leaping off the pages with sparks of energy and power.

   No mistake, this is a very different version of Thor - but to fans of the original Norse myths, it's a lot of fun!

Grade: A



Anonymous said...

Over 30 years ago, it was a good time to be a Marvel Comics fan. John Byrne on Fantastic Four, Frank Miller on Daredevil and Walt Simonson on Thor were shaking up the Marvel Universe with fresh takes on venerable heroic icons. Today, Frank Miller is back spinning his creative wheels on Batman, John Byrne is doing Star Trek photonovel comics...and Walt Simonson is doing some of the best work of his life telling the whole Thor/Ragnarok story over in a engagingly fresh, non-Marvel hero fashion. Highly imaginative and wondrous to behold, I look forward to each and every issue, whenever it is released. And I haven't so looked forward to new comics since, oh, 1980's Marvel!

Sam Kujava

Chuck said...

No argument here, Sam!