Saturday, April 8, 2017

Justice League #18

   I really want to like the Bryan Hitch-written Justice League series - but it's not easy to do.

   I'm all for big cosmic stories, but there needs to be some balance with smaller, more human stories - and every single issue has been pushing the limit for cosmic content - and sheer volume.

   Basically, it's like everyone is screaming all the time.

   But it does make for a fun (if challenging) read.

   This issue continues the "Timeless" story, which has the members of the team cast into different points in time, while they try to find a way to stop a cosmic being called Tempus who plans to pluck the Earth out of the timeline to stop that planet's constant meddling in the structure of reality.

   (It's hard to argue with him, actually.)

   So of course the heroes must find a way to stop him and protect the Earth - but doing that may unleash yet another menace.

   It's a powerful story, and the artwork by Fernando Pasarin and Matt Ryan is powerful (and very Hitch-like) - and it ends on a terrific cliffhanger - but I do wish they'd take a moment and show us the human side of the team, and a little less of the FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT side of things.

Grade: B+



Mr. Brooks said...

Reading JUSTICE LEAGUE now has me thinking about a statement once made by comics great Len Wein. He said, "Thor going off on these Asgardian adventures is great. But every once in a while we need to see him battle the Absorbing Man".

Let's see the JL's rogues gallery. Despero, Kanjar RO, Dr. Light, The Weaponers of Qward, the Secret Society.

More "Day in the Life", less epic. Let's see Barry and Bruce discuss forensics. Let's have Arthur show Vic Atlantis. Have Clark invite the Lanterns to enjoy a home cooked Kent meal. Just sayin'.

Chuck said...

Yes, exactly! It's something Marvel once excelled at - the X-Men could fight the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and the next issue they're out ice-skating or playing baseball. The Fantastic Four could fight Galactus - and then go house-hunting. Mix it up, keep the reader guessing.