Monday, April 17, 2017

Immortal Brothers: Tale of the Green Knight #1

   I believe it was sometime in Junior High (these days they call it Middle School) that I read the original story of the Green Knight.

   I loved it! It had knights, magic, action, horror, surprises - it was entertaining all the way around!

   Here Valiant has mashed up its "Immortal" characters and thrown them into the mix, all as part of a story being told by Archer to an under-the-weather Faith (with a nice hat tip to the movie A Princess Bride).

   The story finds the mysterious Green Knight arriving at Camelot to challenge King Arthur and his knights to a deadly game. One of their knights can use an axe to strike the Green Knight - but that knight must agree to take a return blow within the next year.

   The only knight to accept the challenge is Gawain (known to us as the Eternal Warrior, Gilad). The Green Night survives and departs, and Gilad begins to gather his brothers to help him overcome the challenge of his emerald adversary.

   It's a fun story with terrific art and lots of entertaining dialogue, and a few surprises - plus an unexpected twist on the classic Arthur legend (one I'm not so sure I like, but I'll give it credit for being original).

   All in all, a lot of fun whether you've read the original or not. It's a great "standalone" story that should serve as a great template for future adventures.

Grade: A





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