Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Doctor Who: Ghost Stories #1 (of 4)

   Just in time for the return of The Doctor (new episodes start this weekend on BBC America), here's a mini-series based on the most recent Christmas episode of Doctor Who, which took the series into new territory.

   Namely, super-heroes.

   It was a delightful episode that featured a Superman-like hero named The Ghost (real name Grant), who gained his powers as a boy after merging with an alien power gem.

   The Doctor shows up in the middle of a typical heroic fight against a gang of robbers to ask for The Ghost's help in tracking down the other three power stones (don't call them Infinity Gems, please).

   That leads to a trip in the Tardis and a stop in a future dystopian world - and The Ghost's first encounter with a real live super-villain.

   It's a fun start to the mini-series - welcome back, Doctor!

Grade: A-


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