Sunday, April 23, 2017

Astro City #43

   The beauty of Astro City is that there are heroes that we know nothing about.

   For example, there's been a hero who's appeared practically since the series began more than 25 years ago - and he's a complete mystery.

   But for some reason, I've always been fascinated by The Gentleman (or, as I call him, Fred MacMurray - because the comic book character is definitely modeled after that usually likable actor).

   Always dressed in a tuxedo, he has amazing powers - he can fly, has super-strength and is apparently invulnerable.

   Finally, the mystery is explained in this issue, as we get the origin of the hero - and it's an odd one.

   It all centers around a plain spoken girl who has seen terrible hardships - but somehow she continues to believe that (as someone once said) the sun'll come out tomorrow.

   The issue also includes the Bouncing Beatnik, another wonderful music-based hero, and has a few other guest appearances, too.

   Great art and a fun, far-fetched story make this yet another terrific addition of the pantheon.

   As I've said before: surely every comic book fan should be reading this comic.

Grade: A-




Hoy Murphy said...

I just got this issue yesterday and haven't read it yet. I have always like The Gentleman and assumed it was Kurt Busiek's version of Captain Marvel.

Astro City is about the only super-hero comic I buy these days.


Chuck said...

Didn't Alex Ross drawn Captain Marvel as Fred MacMurray a few times? But yes, you're right - if the Samaritan = Superman, then The Gentleman = Captain Marvel.

Hoy Murphy said...

Yes, Ross used MacMurray as a model for Captain Marvel, just as C.C. Beck did when he designed Cap in the Golden Age.


Anonymous said...

OK. Why an A- grade? Do you really think Nick Fury #1 was better than this issue (or any issue) of Astro City?

Nitpicking, I know...


Chuck said...

Good question, Anon. I tend to grade by series - which is to say, I enjoyed that issue of Astro City, but there are many issues in the series that were better.

Comparing different titles can be an "Apples to Oranges" comparison - that issue of Nick Fury was fun and fresh - we'll see how later issues hold up next to it. But I went into it not expecting much, so that may have been a factor (most Nick Fury comics have paled next to Steranko's work, although Hickman's Secret Warriors was very good).

Anonymous said...

Good reply!