Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Champions #6

   I've been enjoying The Champions so far, but this issue is a bit of a stumble.

   That's because it's mostly here to set up what happens next.

   Up to now the team of young heroes has established itself as a hope-filled group, inspiring other young people around the world to make a difference.

   But in recent issues, the team seems to spend a lot of time doing frivolous things - like a paintball competition this time around.

   But the issue mostly centers around the team's first real opposition - the Freelancers, who seem to be devoted to chaos and undoing the good work being done by the Champions.

   I'm all for that, but the two don't even meet here - though that seems to be happening soon.

   Thank goodness!

   Look, this issue features sharp writing and excellent art - but I'd like to see more forward motion, please.

Grade: B


1 comment:

Kevin Findley said...

This series is beginning to remind of New Warriors. I hope the Freelancers are less cliched than Psionex.

Geez, I just remembered that series started in 1990. I'm old!