Monday, March 13, 2017

Sky Doll: Sundra #1

   One of the nifty things about the Titan Comics company is that they're transplanting (and translating) some great comics from other countries.

   For example, the Sky Doll series was originally published in France.

   That means the reader has to be ready for a slightly different kind of storytelling - a different pace or cadence to the story, and (in this case) some adult content (including brief nudity).

   This is the first Sky Doll story I've read, and I feel like I wandered into the middle of a movie.

   As near as I can tell, the title character is Noa, a woman of mysterious origins - she's being tracked by several powerful figures.

   She and her friends have settled on a planet that serves as home to a huge number of religions - and in fact, she has started one of her own, using her powers to present miracles to her slowly-growing group of followers.

   How long can she avoid detection? What's the secret of her origin? Why are powerful forces looking for her? Will she ever admit her feelings for Roy?

   So many questions!

   The art is striking and lovely, bringing the alien world of Sundra to life in vivid fashion.

   So it's definitely out of the ordinary, and not a traditional comic at all - but it's rolling out an interesting science fiction tale. I think.

Grade: B+


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