Sunday, March 19, 2017

Monsters Unleashed #5 (of 5)

   As we stagger to the finish of the Monsters Unleashed series (which must hold the record for most world-wide property damage in the Marvel Universe), the whole purpose of the series is revealed.

   The event was designed to promote the new series called - who else? - Monsters Unleashed.

   The series has some high points - excellent art by Adam Kubert, the return of monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone, some good supporting efforts by the Inhumans, the Avengers and the Champions, and a few nods to the classic Marvel monsters.

   Otherwise, it ends up being a lot of destruction as evil monsters fight superheroes and good monsters. Face it, there's not a lot of deep thought going on here.

   And all this just to set up a new series with a handful of monsters being led by the new Inhuman Kid Kaiju?

   I'm not sure it was all worth it, but I suppose that'll depend on what happens next.

   So, not a bad series, but not an exceptional one, either.

Grade: B


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