Thursday, March 9, 2017

Man-Thing #1

    Quite a few writers have taken a run at the adventures of the Man-Thing, but only Steve Gerber managed to create a memorable run of stories - so far.

   But someone at Marvel, in a stroke of genius, decided to recruit the master of horror for young readers, R.L. Stine, to offer his take on Marvel's swamp creature.

   But don't this really isn't a juvenile approach to the character - it's a fresh (and often surprising) take, as the Man-Thing takes on Hollywood - and a surprising opponent.

   And for readers new to the character, you get a nifty recap of the character's origin story.

   Best of all, the story actually includes quite a bit of humor - the ingredient Gerber also mastered.

   The comic also includes a mini-horror story as a backup, giving the series a Silver Age / Goosebumps feel.

   The art by German Peralta (and color art by Rachelle Rosenburg) is lush and atmospheric.

   It's a solid start (and a great re-start) for this classic character!

Grade: A-


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