Saturday, March 11, 2017

Comic Book History of Comics #4

   The fourth issue of this entertaining and informative series brings us to the 1950s, and what may be the darkest days for the industry.

   The Comic Book History of Comics examines the attempts to demonize comic books - a movement that included book burnings, comics being banned in many communities, and Senate hearings into comics being a possible cause of the increasing number of juvenile delinquents.

   To be fair, the comics industry was kind of asking for it. The trend toward graphic horror and "true crime" comics may have been great for sales, but it was a move guaranteed to anger parents - and those groups looking for a cause to rile up the public.

   Written by Fred Van Lente with art by Ryan Dunlavey, the series offers a fun and informative look at the crucial years that almost finished the industry.

   (Of course, much more adult and disturbing stuff is being published these days - but the focus is on more high-profile entertainment platforms, like video games and the Internet.)

Grade: A


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