Thursday, February 9, 2017

Unworthy Thor #4

   To be a comic book fan, you have to have some patience, because the stories tend to roll out slowly over a period of months or even years.

   But that's not enough for The Unworthy Thor.

   We're rapidly closing on THREE YEARS since Nick Fury whispered something to Thor to make him realize that he was not worthy to carry Mjolnir - and we still don't know what was said.

   You get the sense that they haven't figured it out yet.

   So now, the Unworthy Thor is on a quest of sorts to find another hammer - the one that once belonged to the Ultimate Thor, but now it's in the Marvel Universe.

   This, of course, is a terrible idea. Thor has a hammer, and the character just isn't the same without it. The ridiculously oversized Ultimate Mjolnir is a poor substitute.

   I assume this will all eventually shake out with the female Thor using the Ultimate hammer, and the real Thor getting his proper mallet back - but it's taking way too long to sort this all out.

   There's a report out saying that Marvel is about to turn away from its recent stories that have changed central characters like Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.

    Nothing against the new versions of those characters - but I'm all for a return to the basics. The sooner the better.

Grade: C+



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