Friday, February 17, 2017

Super Sons #1

   The Super Sons have actually been around for a long time, starting life in the '70s as a series of (more or less) imaginary tales  written by Bob Haney about the teenage sons of Superman and Batman.

   But thanks in part to DC's Rebirth, now they're part of continuity (though a bit younger). In the modern continuity, Bruce Wayne's son Damien is Robin, and Clark Kent and Lois Lane have son Jonathan (Superboy), whose superpowers are just starting to grow.

   It's a natural team-up, with Damien conniving to drag Superboy into his missions (though one imagines their parents might take a dim view of such activities).

   It's a fun first issue from writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Jorge Jimenez, with lots of energy and playful banter to spare.

   It's not perfect - the opening prologue makes no sense to me (promising a lot of action that the issue doesn't deliver), but I trust future issues will clear it up.

   The series concept has a couple of strikes against it - mostly the ill-advised notion of letting children fight super-criminals - but it's a lot of fun so far, and as long as that attitude continues, I'll hang around for more.

Grade: B+


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