Monday, February 27, 2017

Harbinger Renegade #4

   The original Harbinger series was one of the best of the original Valiant series, and those characters are back (in one form or another) in the new Harbinger Renegades book.

   This issue wraps up the opening story arc, so it's a tough starting point (I advise waiting for the collection), but it's definitely putting in place a powerful story.

   It's the opening salvo in the war between Toyo Harada, a powerful psiot who has built an industry around his vision for the future, and those trying to maintain their freedom.

   He's opposed by a small but powerful group known as the Renegades - but can they survive Harada's plans?

   It's a sprawling story, with flashbacks, deadly confrontations, plot twists and heroic rescues.

   With powerful artwork and a strong story that nicely sets up lots of possible future scenarios, this is a terrific successor to the original series - but one that makes its own way.

Grade: A-


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