Tuesday, January 31, 2017

World War X #2

   Alien invasions are a reliable trope for comics and movies, but World War X manages to put an intelligent, modern spin on the idea.

   The aliens have actually been on Earth for a long, long time - hidden away from the world and only now starting to step into the light to take control of the planet away from mankind - a much more fragile form of life.

   The story features lots of twists and turns, including who (and what) the allies and opponents of the aliens are - and the terrifying weapons the aliens put into play.

   The comic uses the storytelling technique of jumping around in time a bit - but there's a lot of (temporal) ground to cover to tell this story.

   The story by Jerry Frissen is solid and manages to convey a gnarly story in a clear and intelligent way, just giving you enough to keep your interest fired up.

   The art is by Peter Snejbjerg, and it's very good, with great character designs, cool aliens and unique alien constructs.

   I've no idea where this is going next - and that's a great thing! Well worth checking out.

Grade: A-


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