Monday, January 2, 2017

Hulk #1

   It seems that the She-Hulk has come full circle.

   In her first appearance (back in 1980) she was The Savage She-Hulk, and while she wasn't as slow-witted as the Hulk (at that time), she was certainly just as angry.

   Since then, she's been through a stunning array of changes - becoming intelligent, joining the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, having several solo series, working as an Agent of SHIELD - sometimes she couldn't change form, other times she worked as a lawyer.

   In the wake of Civil War II, we find a different version of the character. She's back to being Jennifer Walters, an attorney starting her new job for a new law firm - but she's still shaken by what happened to her cousin Bruce Banner (the original Hulk), and by the terrible injuries she suffered at the hands of Thanos.

    The Hulkish cover aside, the focus here is on setting up the new series - so there's a lot of setup and not much actual Hulk content.

   Which is fine - the story by Mariko Tamaki is focusing on characters, not mayhem.

   The art by Nico Leon is very good - a nice, clean "real world" style that sets the stage nicely.

   So, it's something of a slow start - and a fresh start - for this long-running hero. So far, I like it - I'll be hanging around.

Grade: B+


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